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One Weekend, Two Races, Three Medals

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On September 9th, I participated in my first Marathon Team Relay. As an ambassador for the Lexus Lace-Up Running Series, I was able to choose four team members to run with via a social media giveaway.

Some of my favorite running girlfriends entered the contest and were chosen. I was so excited to participate in this event because I’ve never done a relay before. Each team member would run approximately 5.25 miles each for a total of 26.2 miles. On the day of the race, we met up and decided which team member would do which leg.

Claudia Martinez started the first leg and finished in 52:06. When Claudia finished, she gave us a heads up about the inclines so we could prepare ourselves.

Arin Burrell-Duru ran the second leg finishing in 51:50.

Jacklyn Gregory ran the third leg finishing in 59:07.

Once Jackie finished, the sun was out even more. We knew beforehand the last two legs would be the toughest since we were battling against the heat. We drank more water and prepared for what was to come.

Bianca Castillo ran the fourth leg finishing in 54:11.


I ran the fifth and final leg finishing in 50:16. It was difficult running directly in the sun and with the inclines but I did the best I could.

My team finished strong with a time of 4 hours and 27 minutes.

Throughout the race we cheered and encouraged each other. What I loved the most about the relay was that we kept each other accountable for each leg of the race. I normally run solo, so it was a breath of fresh air to run with a team.
What made it even better was running with a group of driven and dedicated women working towards the same goal. I was even more excited when I finished because I was able to earn a double medal for my participation in the Wings For Life World Run.

After we completed the race we enjoyed the race amenities: food truck, massages, the beer garden, and giveaways. I headed home to rest after so that I could get ready for the Santa Monica Classic 10k race the next day.

The Santa Monica Classic is the first race in the Conqur LA Challenge. The Conqur LA challenge consists of participating in the SM Classic (5k or 10k), Pasadena Half Marathon (13.1 miles) and LA Marathon (26.2 miles).

Last year I missed the challenge by not doing the SM Classic. I made it a point to sign up this year so that I didn’t miss it. I knew it was going to be tough doing back to back races but I looked it as doing a split up long run.

When the race started, my pace was slower than usual. I was still recuperating from the relay race the day before. Temperatures tend to run high in Los Angeles around early September. I had to hydrate in order to keep going.

Around mile 3, I broke down a bit. I wasn’t running at my full capacity. At mile 4, I caught a second wind and picked up speed. I knew I wasn’t going to beat my time and I was ok with that. I did the best I could.

Every race is not going to be your best but the effort is what matters most.

Finishing Time: 57 minutes, pace 9:19.

One weekend, two races, three medals. A new record!

Anything is possible when you push yourself. I hope I’m able to inspire others to do the best they can with anything they do. Grateful for my teammates for participating and my followers for the support and love.



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