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The Power of Positive Thinking Part 2

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 To continue on the idea of positive thinking, I wanted to elaborate more on how it is implemented into our daily life. I asked my good friends Mireille and Ian, about their daily positive inspirations and how they incorporate positivity into their lives.

Mireille Sine (Runner, Dancer, Motivator)

What are some of your daily positive inspirations?

I’ve noticed that this changes depending on what I need at the time. For example, a few months ago, the first thing I  do after waking up was, I greeted the day and told myself how great of a day it was going to be. (“Good morning, Monday! Today is a great day.”)

That was a period where I struggled to get out of bed either from lack of sleep or external/internal stress from daily life.

I don’t have this problem anymore, so I’ve taken to looking at myself in the mirror while brushing my teeth and saying strong statements about myself. This could be “I am worthy” “I am loved”, anything and everything in between. I try to give myself what I need in the moment or on that day.

My favorite positive inspiration would have to be listening to a podcast on my way to work. It lets me learn about other things I’m interested in and it’s a really calm way to bring in the day. Currently, I’m listening to a podcast about meditation and mindfulness called 10% Happier with Dan Harris. So much good information!

When do you feel that having a positive outlook is the most challenging?

I would say it gets harder when things have been tough for a long time and you start to feel like you can’t win. It’s really easy to get down on yourself in those times. However, I do think those are pivotal times to make a plan of action and to find your WHY.

Knowing the ’why’ makes it easier to ignore distractions and intensify the focus in your life.

Even if things may not look great at the moment, just the reinforcement that you’re working towards something bigger and better helps to maintain that positive outlook.

When do you feel that having a positive outlook is the most challenging? How have Positive Affirmations changed you?

Positive affirmations have changed me because they’ve helped change the language in which I speak to/about myself in my head. If I do have a negative thought, I am able to cast that statement aside and replace it with something positive. In my earlier days, I used a daily affirmation app and I would write down whatever came up that day. Over time and through practices like journaling, reflection, and meditation, it became easier to be kinder to myself.

Ian Evans, Writer, Motivator

I define positive as a characteristic of being good, certain and affirmative in the presence of instead of the absence. To remain positive I use tools that energize my mind. The most important tool I use is music.

I listen to songs that have many positive lyrics. These songs are upbeat they add value to my life. Some of my favorite songs are Kenny Loggins “This Is It”, Patti LaBelle “New Day”, Kanye West featuring Young Jeezy “Amazing”, Celine Dion “That’s The Way It Is” and Michael Jackson’s “Almost There”.

The music I listen to makes me dance, sing and makes me grin or smile. The physical changes immediately lead to me feeling GOOD and feeling GOD.

It’s hard to feel bad about anything when I smile. It helps me maintain a positive attitude and disposition. I find it the hardest to stay positive upon hearing bad news.  When this happens I repeat I have positive affirmations. I speak to myself to help me feel good about who I am.

Usually, when walking or talking to GOD in prayer I am reminded that “I am important, I love myself, I am feeling good about who I am becoming”. These lines and words help me grow, build and follow the wisdom from within with prayer. These are some aspects of my own positive thinking and awareness.

Christal Lauren

What are some of your daily Positive inspirations?

Focusing on being grateful gives me the most inspiration to be positive. When I wake up I give thanks to God for giving me another day. I pray first thing in the morning. This helps me set the mood for the day.

Throughout my day I try to go about looking at the “bright side of things”. I redirect my mind to the good when times get hard.

I surround myself with positive influencers so that I can stay in the light. When I need a quick boost of positive energy I will listen to some of my favorite songs. Music and dancing always make me happy.

When do you feel that having a positive outlook is the most challenging?

Being positive during adversity is always a challenge. It can be challenging because the mind naturally wants to go towards the negative. Sometimes your mind tends to think things like “Why did this happen? When will it end” Changing these thoughts soon after you have them is the defining moment.

Throughout the years I’ve been practicing redirecting my focus. Running has taught me the power of positive thinking through a struggle. I do my best to apply what I’ve learned in my daily life.

How have positive affirmations changed you?

My life has completely changed because I’ve implemented positive affirmations into my thought process.

I believe heavily in the power of “I AM”. By stating “I AM”  you are speaking all of these things into existence.

Affirmations remove doubt and fear from your mind. You are no longer thinking “I can’t” when you actually CAN.

Your life will change once you redirect your thoughts on the good.




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