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Los Angeles Marathon 17′ Training Part 2

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Week 6 of Training:

“ Each run is a chance to get stronger and better”


I’ve been running for awhile and after running so much and for so long, you have to remind yourself of why you started in the first place. I resumed running from my race recovery Week 6 of LA Marathon Training. I started back doing walk/run intervals. After taking the short break, I felt reenergized and ready to run again. I started at a slower pace and took walking breaks to get my body readjusted. I incorporated more hills into my run on Week 6. I noticed that they got easier each time.


On the first day of the new year I went out to lunch with a good friend of mine. During the conversation the lady sitting next to me overheard me and asked which marathon I was training for. I told her I was training for LA marathon. She told me she ran LA 4 times and that I would love the course. She also told me she knew I would do well.

Hearing about her positive experiences with the LA Marathon was awesome and I needed the inspiration and motivation.

Week 7 of Training:

New Year, New Goals

My first run of the New Year started off great! I ran at an average pace of 8:29 for three miles. I was on a runner’s high for a few days.



Ran 8 mile long run (10:42 pace)


Cross Trained on Bicycle for 18 miles. That was the longest distance I have done on a bike. Getting on a bike was interesting especially riding on the same paths that I normally run on. After getting on a bike, I had a greater appreciation for running.

Week 8 of Training 

“Each completed run with no injury or pain is a success”



I ran my first run of the week with BlackList LA. They are a huge running group and are known for running fast and at night. I wanted to try the group out because I am trying to push myself to get faster.


Picking up speed has always been scary to me.

When I started running I just ran because it felt good, helps me relieve stress and I love the beauty of the outdoors. Now that I have been running for a while, I need to challenge myself.

My pace for that night was 9:13 for 4 miles. I couldn’t believe how fast I went! It felt really good to get outside of my comfort zone and push myself.

That Wednesday, my friends and I went on a run and I felt terrible. I didn’t get an adequate amount of sleep and took allergy medication that wasn’t non-drowsy.This was a horrible run. It took everything in me to keep going. I learned that proper sleep is so important when running. Even though it was hard I took my time and finished 9 miles.

I rested until my long run on Saturday.

My first real long run was in Pasadena, CA the same city where my next half marathon was. It was hard getting up at 5 am for it but all races start early so it was good practice. The weather in the morning was brutal. It was cold and dark. I still dislike training in the winter but once again, I needed to get out of my comfort zone.



I started off relatively strong and ran well for the first 10 miles. The last 3 were once again, very hard. Around mile 11 I started to wonder why I do this. I told myself to keep doing the best I can and push harder. Just like moments in my life where I wanted to quit, I had to suck it up. Endure the pain and focus on the goal!

Finishing was a great feeling.. 13 miles! I felt prepared for the upcoming race.


Week 9 of Training:

“It takes courage to be a runner!” – My Mom

I ended week 9 with running a half marathon in Pasadena. That was one of the hardest races of my life! It was pouring rain and there were so many hills. I still beat my time and finished in 2 hours and 25 minutes. Great way to end the week! See my blog post on Pasadena Half Marathon.

Week 10 of Training:

I started running to release stress and to escape.

During Week 10, I only ran once. My boyfriend was involved in a huge car accident and it was very traumatic. I decided to take a break until my long run. My long run was really nice. I ran 16 miles along the beach strand in Santa Monica, up hills  to Will Rogers Park, along a trail to Inspiration Point, down Pacific Coast Highway back to Santa Monica. This was my first time incorporating a trail into my long run. I really enjoyed it! I was exhausted but I felt great after!

Thank you for following me on my marathon journey! Stay tuned for LA Marathon Training Part 3!


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