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Overcoming Obstacles Part 2

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For my Monday Motivation post I talked about my life being an emotional rollercoaster lately and receiving unsettling news. The beginning of the post said “It’s supposed to be hard, hard is what makes it great”. I ended the post with “No one gets better by avoiding adversity. No matter how tough it is, you can pull through and become victorious”

Some days are just really hard. Some months and years are tough. How do we cope with our everyday stresses?

In my pursuit of obtaining a healthier life, I have learned that mental health is the most important aspect of it all.

I chose running and yoga to be my healthy way to escape and coping mechanism. Although both activities are great for me when handling stress, I can’t always do a 5 mile run or go to yoga class when I’m not feeling it. Here are some things I have done to help me get through the hard times:

1. Counting My Blessings (Gratitude Journal)

In my article “The Power of Positive Thinking” I discussed writing down at least three things you are grateful for daily.  By focusing on the good you are less likely to focus on the bad.

This has been a life changer. If I am really feeling out of it, I will repeat my blessings over and over. “I am so happy to have great friends. My friends make me laugh”

It may seem redundant but it works!

2. Talking to Family and Friends

This has always helped me out when I am going through a storm. Often times my friends will give me insight on a situation or just provide a listening ear.

3. Writing

Writing has always been my escape. If I don’t want to discuss my feelings with others, I write it down. This is the best way of letting it out. You will be able to see your thoughts on paper and get them off of your chest.

4. Reading

Reading is a form of meditation for me. It redirects my mind to the words and not my thoughts. I suggest reading magazines, online articles or a novel. Whatever you read will help you from focusing on what’s not going well.

5. Music

I love music!! I talked about this as well in my article “Just Chill, 5 ways to relax”. Who doesn’t snap out of their mood when their song comes on? Make a fun playlist and just listen to the music. I promise it will uplift your spirits!

I hope these tips help you! Each day we overcome an obstacle, we become stronger!



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