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Los Angeles Marathon Training Part One

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I’m training for a marathon again. This time it’s for the Los Angeles Marathon! After completing my first marathon, I’m going into this training with a completely different mindset.

Since I have one marathon under my belt, I know exactly what I am getting myself into. Many people are asking “Why are you doing it again?”

I’ve always wanted to run marathons but I didn’t have the courage to start training until this year. I knew I wanted to do Los Angeles Marathon “LAM” but I thought it would be best to do Long Beach Marathon “LBM” before I did it in my home city.

Training with Claudia Martinez (Previous LA Marathoner)

For LAM my goal is to beat my previous time and run much more efficiently than I had before.

Completion of Santa Monica/Venice Christmas Run- 10k with Bianca Castillo (Half Marathoner)

The training for LBM was a totally different training experience. I was so excited since it was my first one.

I was also training in the summer so it was easier to run after work. My running group, Movement Runners, was also excited to run with me because it was my first and we had more people attending our group meet ups.

Training with Nelly Moody (Multiple Marathoner)

Training in the cold and dark is extremely difficult. Every time I call a friend to run with me I expect them to decline. Another big factor that’s making this training season tougher is healing from my previous injuries.

During Week 17 of LBM Training I strained my groin muscle. I ran on a strained muscle during LBM and it took one month to heal.  Luckily, I have a great Physical Therapist, Amy Tan Tran DPT. She is teaching me how to properly prep my muscles, strength train and foam roll before and after running.

Movement Runners Track Wednesday

Going into my first week of training, I wasn’t enthusiastic. The fear of getting reinjured was in the back of my mind. I began training and everything was going relatively well until I pulled the groin muscle again and sprained my ankle after my last 10k (6 mile race).

When I went into my doctor, she told me that I need to rest for a minimum of two weeks.
For the very first time, I was not sad out about having to rest and not run. Although I love long distance running, it has begun to take a toll on my body.

My mother gave me a book called “Ultra Marathon Man” to read for inspiration. The Ultra Marathon Man is known for running Ultra Marathons (50 miles plus) and multiple marathons. I am grateful for this read because it was just what I needed.

During my break from running, I began to reflect on why I started running marathons and why I wanted to participate in LAM.

I realized how much of an inspiration I have become to others and how much people rely on me to motivate them.





The run is no longer about me.

It is about inspiring others.

The time off has helped me reevaluate the purpose of running long distances and training myself to be better than I was before.

One of my favorite sayings when I am running is “You never know how strong you are until you push yourself.

I know this next race will not be easy. The training has been tough already but that will make the victory that much more rewarding.

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