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Fitness and Health Goals During the Holidays

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These last few weeks, I had a hard time staying on my nutrition plan and working out. I was invited to multiple holiday parties which took up time and the weather wasn’t helping either.

Daylight savings time and the cold weather made it difficult to for me to get up and moving.

Each party I attended was filled with non-diet friendly foods and alcohol. The combination of the two made it even more difficult for me to exercise and eat properly.

However, I did manage to power through the temptations. Which brings me to ask, how do we stick to our fitness and health goals during the holidays?

Increase Water Intake

By increasing your intake of water, you will keep from overeating and it will help counteract the effects that alcohol has on your body. Aim to drink 8-10 cups of water a day and 10-12 if you are more active.

Decrease Sugar Intake

I always recommend decreasing your sugar when I give advice on healthy living. The holidays are the worst times because of the sugary gifts that are given. It is very difficult not to help yourself to them. I am a huge fan of dark chocolate so I will eat a piece of candy, twice a week at the maximum. Giving yourself a limit allows you to enjoy it but not over do it.

At Home Exercises

Find exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home. There are many great apps like the Nike Training Club App to guide you in your exercises. You can also find great workouts on Pinterest. 

Tracking Your Food and Workout Regimen

By writing down what you are eating and when you exercise, you will be able to see clearly what you are doing. This will help you reevaluate your goals and help you to stay on track.

Finding An Accountability Buddy

Find a friend who will help you stick to your goals. By discussing your healthy lifestyle journey with others, you will become more accountable and create a community where you can support each other.

How have you been sticking to your fitness and health goals during the holiday season?





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