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Marathon Training Part Three

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October 9th is the big day. The past few months I’ve been training for this day and the journey so far has been life changing. In a few short days, everything I’ve been working on is going to pay off.

I get questions all the time about how I’ve been doing since I’ve embarked on this running journey. I tell people that training is a beautiful and painful process. The painful parts have been running when I don’t feel like it, time constraints, heat exhaustion, hunger and soreness. It is beautiful to be able to inspire others, meet new people and push my limits.

At times I do think… “Why am I doing this?” but I’m reminded of my goals and dreams and how much I have inspired others.

One of my neighbors said to me “If you can run all these miles, I guess I can walk for 30 minutes”.

That’s the point!


Week 9 of Training: 23 miles.

I had a minor Sciatica flare up but I stretched and soaked.

Week 10 of Training: 28 miles.

Ran a long run of 15.6 miles. Running in the heat is tough!  I learned quickly that I needed to hydrate because after the 9th mile, I got sick. I finished but it was a great lesson learned!

Week 11 of Training: 29 miles.

Ran my long run of 16 miles. After you go past 13 miles you start thinking “Wow, I just did a half marathon”. It’s a great feeling. Post run I started to feel all the work in my hips and glutes. Foam rolling and stretching is a must!!

Week 12 of Training: 25 miles.

Even though my miles decreased, the runs were tough because of the soreness. I had to remind myself not to think about it and to keep going.

Week 13 of Training: 36 miles.

This was one of my best weeks of training. I was on a roll! I did a 18 mile long run, 4 miles with Movement and then a 5k with BlackList in one weekend (25 miles in one weekend). I increased my pace as well. You get better after each run!

Week 14 of Training: 29 miles.

During this week I went running up hills with one of my amazing running friends. So hard but worth it. When I ran my long run that Saturday, it was so hard. I didn’t eat enough, my legs were hurting and I was over it. I had to remind myself..It must be done!

Week 15 of Training: 30 miles.

Completed my longest distance to date, 20 miles. Average pace of 10 minutes 30 second per mile. I made sure I ate well, slept well and hydrated properly before this run! Great week!!

Week 16: 20 miles.

Took it easy this week. I entered into the “taper time”, when you reduce the amount of miles you run. I did the Global Energy 10k in Long Beach.  It was so hot but I finished strong.

Week 17: 12 miles.

This week was humbling. I was forced to take it easy this week. My body started breaking down on me. I pulled my groin muscle while running up a hill.  I also caught a cold. Luckily, I rested, ate really well and soaked. I am feeling much better now.

Total Training Mileage: 500 Miles

I have found strength in:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Dedication
  • Perseverance
  • Motivation
  • Positive Energy



Christal’s Running Inspirations:

Noone ever said it would be easy but your push through and get it done.

The harder you train, the better you get.

Look at each run as a new journey, a new experience and a new lesson.

The road ahead might be challenging and you might want to quit but always remember how far you have come.

This is my last week of training. Follow me on Snapchat for live updates during my Marathon @Bravebird24 #RunLongBeach #LongBeachMarathon



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