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The Power of Positive Thinking

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Running 6 miles after a vacation was not fun. The next morning, I ran 7 miles. Both distances were tough, but I was able to push through it.

There were moments where I wanted to quit, but instead I kept going. The will to continue running came from positive thinking.

Training for a marathon reminds me of how important it is to keep your mind focused and to stay positive. If positivity wasn’t part of the regime, I wouldn’t be able to make it during the long runs.

People tell you to “Stay Positive” but how do you do that? Easier said than done, right? Positive affirmations are a great way to start.

By affirming the good, the positive energy will come to you. Here are some of my favorite positive affirmations:

  • I am grateful
  • I am content with my life
  • I live in the present and enjoy each moment
  • I am disciplined and self control
  • I have the power to control my thoughts
  • I love myself unconditionally

You get tested everyday on your willpower to think positively. I was driving to work one morning and sat in heavy traffic on the 405 freeway. I immediately started complaining and negative thoughts were running through my head, like: “not this again,” and “another day at the office.” As soon as those thoughts started taking over, I stopped myself and said, “No. Be grateful that you have a job.”

I have the power to control how I react to the situation.

Doing something you love will also help you to stay positive. Writing and listening to music has always helped me refocus. I will listen to one of my favorite songs to snap me out of whatever I’m going through.

Write down at least three things you are grateful for daily. By focusing on the good you are less likely to focus on the bad.

Everyday I’m learning more about controlling my thoughts and focusing on the positive.

Once you realize how much power  your thoughts have, it will change your life.

How do you keep yourself positive? Has positive thinking changed your life?



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