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The Road to Marathon Training Part One

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For as long as I could remember, I have always wanted to run in a long distance race. I always imagined myself as someone who could run up hills and through the mountains.

I started running in college when I began to take my health and fitness lifestyle seriously. When I started, I noticed that I felt free during the run and satisfied when I finished. I also started practicing yoga at the same time. The combination of the two, the runner’s high and relaxation from yoga, was a perfect pairing for me.

When I started to run it inspired me to try incorporate other fitness regimes into my schedule. I tried hiking, crossfit, kickboxing and sculptworks.

I enjoy these but I realized how much happiness that long distance running brought me. I decided to join a group of runners and surround myself with others who also enjoy running like I do.

When I tweeted #JustDoIt, Nike sent me an invitation to join the #NikeRunClub or “NRC” to those who run with Nike frequently.

My first NRC was at the Pasadena Nike store. I did not know what I was getting myself into.

It was very challenging because we ran uphill but it felt good to complete it. I realized how awesome it was to run with people!

After we finished one of the guys I met suggested that I run with “Movement Runners” or “We Run LA”. I started following both and realized that Movement Runners ran close to where I lived.


I started running with Movement Runners February of this year. I had so much fun on my first few runs. Every Sunday I had something to look forward to. Running with great people and getting a workout in. It was during one of my runs that I decided I wanted to amp it up and start Marathon Training!

Unfortunately in early March, I was diagnosed with right-side Sciatica. My condition was so bad that I was taken off work and told I had to stop all fitness and marathon training. This hurt me so much.

Luckily, I received great Physical Therapy and received a standing desk at work. After a while my condition improved. My physical therapist said I was able to go back to running.

I came back a few weeks ago and I have been doing great. I made the final decision to do my first half marathon (13.1 miles) in Long Beach.

I am now training to increase my pace and mileage. Currently, I am able to run 4 miles pretty well. My trainer told me that running uphill will help me train for the flat surface.

I am so excited to be active again and even more excited to continue to train.

Do you enjoy running? What are some of your fitness goals?


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