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Finding Local Foods in the City

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Recently the Food and Drug Administration sent out a PSA on the outbreak of Listeria in organic frozen vegetables. Since I am concerned with food safety matters, I found the list of contaminated foods and sent it to my family and friends.

They were appalled that the United States government has not done an adequate job of overseeing the way our food is being processed.

Outbreaks like these happen often. Which makes me further beg the question…

Where is our food coming from?

As people who live in the city, commute and work long hours, most of us do not have the time to find the source of our food. We have become far removed from the times when we hunted and gathered our food. We now go into the store, buy the food and hope for the best.

Recently we have become more aware of the pesticides, genetically modified organisms and the harmful ingredients added in processed foods. As a result, we have become more savvy to shopping organic.

Though it is nice to have organic sections in stores, I am still concerned with where our food came from.  Most large grocery chains do not list where the food came from. We are in a sense trusting that these foods are “Organic”.

Trader Joes, Sprouts and Whole Foods carry organic and local foods.

Another great way to find local foods in the cities is at Farmers Markets. I have always loved going to Farmers Markets. Not only can you buy fresh produce and food, you can meet great people. I usually go to the farmers market in Santa Monica which is where I work but there is a shortage of them in the inner city.

Santa Monica Promenade Farmers Market

Here is a list of Farmers Markets in the Los Angeles area.

When talking to my family and friends about the Listeria outbreak, they all suggested we start growing our own food.


Christals Garden 🙂

I plan on starting my garden in the fall and beginning with growing Lettuce and adding more food along the way. If you do not have the space to start your own garden, you can join a community garden.

If you have some space, I highly suggest starting your own garden. Check out my “Garden #plantlife” board on Pinterest for gardening tips.

Kale Salad

What stores do you buy your produce at? What are your thoughts on eating local foods?


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