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“Get the Glow” 8 Skin Care Tips from Licensed Esthetician, Courtney Jubrey

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We have a special guest on! I would love to introduce Licensed Esthetician, Courtney Jubrey. She is going to provide us with 8 skincare tips to help us “Get the Glow”!


Radiant Skin Starts from Within

A healthy well balanced diet that incorporates lots of fresh green veggies, fruits, healthy fats, nuts and seeds and minimal to no added sugars, meats, and processed food is vital to alkalizing the body and aiding in glowing skin! Foods that alkalize the body also contain antioxidants, Vitamins A, C and E, along with other nutrients, which all work to nourish and keep skin vibrant and increase elasticity. A glass of warm lemon water every morning is an easy way to alkalize the body.  Follow that with a green smoothie and your gut and your skin will be thanking you! Also, having a positive attitude and outlook on life is key. When you feel good on the inside, mentally, emotionally and physically, you look good on the outside!

Glow Begins in the Gut

Having a healthy and balanced gut doesn’t allow space for pathogens (unhealthy, disease causing bacteria) which can disrupt your skin. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kombucha and pickled ginger are great for balancing and nourishing healthy flora (bacteria) in the gut. If those foods aren’t for you, taking a daily probiotic is the best way to ensure optimal intestinal function, which will in turn curb inflammation which is the culprit behind most breakouts and skin ailments.

Simplicity is Key

Eliminate products from your regimen that contain synthetics and parabens. Green beauty is becoming more and more popular, and for good reason! Green beauty products are designed to heal and restore the skin using minimal ingredients with the absence of “ junk”. Another option is making your own products. It’s super easy to whip up a face -mask or exfoliant from household items such as oatmeal, avocado, and honey.

Stay Hydrated

Healthy hydrated skin is sexy! Drink more water and less coffee, tea and soda to cleanse and flush the body and nourish cells. Water is ultra hydrating and allows vitamins and nutrients to travel to skin cells, which ends up producing great skin!

Love My Flow

Practicing certain asana’s (yoga poses) such as Cobra Pose, shoulder stand and head stand increase oxygenation to the system which increases blood flow to the head, which can help give the appearance of clean, glowing skin!

Clean your brushes

Dirt, oil, debris, and dead-skin get trapped in our makeup brushes over time, so it’s imperative that you keep them clean! Wash brushes with a gentle shampoo weekly and allow to air dry.

Healthy Skin Doesn’t Stop at Your Face

Our skin is the largest organ of the body! Everything we put on topically penetrates down into the dermis. Dry brushing your body with a boar bristle brush will exfoliate, break up toxins, stimulate the lymphatic system, and decrease the appearance of cellulite. After brushing, rinse and hydrate damp skin with a rich body butter or oil to treat the body from head to toe!

Rest Up

As you sleep, the skin repairs and rebalances itself making it a great time to restore moisture and collagen. Two things that are key to healthy, supple, glowing skin!

I hope this information is helpful and inspires you to incorporate healthier practices into your daily routine to achieve amazing, glowing skin! Follow Love My Glow on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for more skin tips, healthy recipes, and all things health and wellness!


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