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Natural Hair Journey Part Two

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Often times, we see our hair as a reflection of our identity. I have found that wearing my hair natural can be a challenge but it is also very empowering. Going natural is a way of telling the world, “I accept myself for who I truly am.”

Since I’ve started my natural hair journey, I’ve switched from wearing it curly to occasionally wearing protective styles.

Curly Hair

Wearing my hair curly is my favorite. Although there’s a lot of upkeep because of how thick it is, I still love it. The key to maintaining it is to understand what your curl type is and how to style it when it’s wet.

I am a Curl Type 3C. Here is a great guide if you do not know what type of curl you have: Girls With Curls

Very Curly Hair Styling Tip by Curls.Biz:

“The biggest benefit to having curly hair is the immeasurable volume you possess. For full bodied, halo curls; apply your styler after cleansing and conditioning with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Use a light product to define the curls without overly controlling your texture. If you like a more subdued curl, use a heavy curl cream and shingle throughout your hair to clump and elongate your curls. On day two, apply a daily moisturizer to refresh your curls and instead of scrunching the product into your hair, simply smooth the product along the hair shaft to skip the frizz.”

Changing Products

I am a firm believer in changing your hair products every few months. Over time your hair gets used to the same products. There are so many to choose from so it’s best to find your curl type and ask around for the best products for your hair type.

Currently, I am using Shea Moisture Jamaican Castor Oil Shampoo and Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Shine Conditioner.

I was wearing Cantu Butter Leave In Conditioner but noticed that I needed something richer to hold my curls. My friend suggested I try AsIAm DoubleButter Cream. I love it!

Protective Styles

When I started wearing protective styles, I decided it would be fun to switch it up. Some of my favorite looks are the “Two Braids” and “Five Braids”. These are my favorite because they do not require much to put in and to take out. The downside of this style is that it only last a week. The hair comes out of the added in hair after so many days.

I love getting Senegalese Twists. I love this style because you can do more with the hair and it last about a month if you moisturize and wrap daily. The downside of this style is the amount of time it can take to put in and take out (depending on which type of hair you use and the length of the twists).


Reactions to Hair Styles

The reactions when I change my hair are always interesting. The majority of comments and questions come from colleagues at work. “I see you switched your hair again” “How long did that take?” “What happened to your extensions?”

When I first started on my journey these questions upset me. To feel as if you have to explain yourself to others can be irritating and aggravating.

Over time, I learned to ignore them and focus on the positive reactions. I have chosen not to get upset but embrace the curiosity and fascination.

Anytime I change my hair I tell myself to “Own It“!

How I wear my hair does not change who I am and once I learned to accept that, others had no choice but to do the same.

How are you adapting to your natural hair journey? What products and styles are your favorite?


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