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Natural Ways To Increase Your Metabolism

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When most people think of metabolism, they tend to associate it with weight loss. While one of the goals in weight loss is to increase your metabolism, it is vital to eat nutrient dense foods and exercise daily. Doing both will help you maintain your goal weight and live a healthier life.

Metabolism is closely linked to nutrition and the availability of nutrients. Energy formation is one of the vital components of metabolism

— Dr. Ananya Mandal, MD

A portion of your metabolism is ruled by genetics however, nutrition is key in metabolism. I view calories as energy points. Each calorie you consume contributes to your overall energy. This is why I stress the importance of a healthy diet and exercise.

Here are some of my recommendations for naturally increasing your metabolism:

Eat Small Meals and Snack Throughout the Day

By eating smaller portions you are giving your body a chance to burn off each meal successfully. Overeating causes the body to slow down, which decreases metabolism.


  • Lean Meat- Lean meat is rich in iron. Any deficiency of iron will slow down metabolism.
  • Water – Dehydration will slow down metabolism. Drink a lot of water to keep your metabolism going!

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  • Chili Peppers – Chili peppers contains capsaicin which increases your metabolism.
  • Green Tea – Green Tea contains a plant compound that burns fat. The caffeine in green tea will also naturally increase your metabolism.

  • Whole Grain – Whole grains increase metabolism because they take longer to break down. This process causes your body to burn more fat.

Increase Exercise

Cardio based fitness will increase your heart rate, which will increase your metabolism. By building muscle you will burn more fat cells even when you stop exercising.

Muscle cells burn more than fat cells, even when you stop exercising.

— Web MD
  • Increase reps and intervals. Over time, your body will become trained which will increase your strength and endurance.

Though there are ways to naturally increase your metabolism, the goal should always be to eat foods rich in nutrients and exercise for a healthy life.

I hope these tips help you! Let me know if you have any questions or need advice for reaching your goals!


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