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LocoL Brings Healthier Food Options to Watts

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On January 18, 2016, I was lucky to witness history in the making.  Roy Choi announced on Twitter that he will be opening his first location on the corner of 103rd and Grape. The opening of LocoL is a testament to Choi and Daniel Patterson‘s commitment to bring healthier, accessible, and affordable options to the inner city.

It is my mission to support the addition of healthier food options to the under served parts of the city. When I heard that LocaL would be opening in Watts, CA, I could not wait to check it out.

Watts, CA is a 2.12 square mile neighborhood in LA and is one of the highest population densities in LA. This neighborhood is notorious for high poverty and crime rates. The opening will begin to  close the gap between the community and food accessibility. Seeing Choi bringing positive change into the neighborhood is refreshing and inspiring.

I attended the opening and was blown away by the amount of support from people in and outside of the community. The turnout was incredible! The line was down the street and around the block. In the background, you can hear Martin Luther King’s speech playing with other positive vibes, i.e. Kendrick Lamar’s “Alright.”

The image of the community coming together was truly a sight to see.

I tried the “Veggie Cheeseburg” which comprised of JackFruit, Scallion Relish, and Awesome Sauce. It was delicious and melted in my mouth. I also tried the “Crushed Tofu and Veggie Stew” and the “Orange Agua Fresca.” Each bite was delicious and had me craving more. As a vegetarian, I loved the seasoning and how fresh the food was.

While I was in line, I bumped into Chef Babette, the owner of “Stuff I Eat,” an organic vegan restaurant in Inglewood, CA. We discussed how imperative it is to bring more establishments like LocoL to the inner city.

Why should access to healthy and affordable food be limited to more affluent neighborhoods?


I urge you to visit LocoL and show support to Roy’s awesome addition to the neighborhood. The food revolution is coming!

We are stressing the importance of health and wellness to the underserved  neighborhoods. I can’t wait to head back to LocoL again and try everything on the menu.

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