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My Journey to Natural Hair

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Natural hair has always been a hot topic of discussion among African American women. As a child, I was under the impression that “straight hair” was beautiful and “natural” was not.

My hair journey started when I was 12 and I wanted my hair to be straight all the time so I started getting perms. Along with perms, I would also bleach my hair. The first few times, you think you’re unstoppable with your straight and beautiful hair.

After applying so many chemicals to my hair, it started to fall out and break. As a result, I spent more time and effort restoring my hair to its’ natural state. My mother started sending me to the hair salon every two weeks when I was 15. I decided to try dying my hair again at 18 and the same results happened: my hair got damaged.

After years of abusing my hair, I decided to start fresh and cut it short and give it some time to grow back. That’s when I decided to change my lifestyle and go natural not only with my body but my hair. It was difficult to quit cold turkey and go “natural.” Over time, I became more irritated with natural and went back to the hair salon.

When I was 25, I re-visited going natural again. I started to wonder why I felt it was necessary to always have my hair straightened at all costs. I started questioning why I felt that “natural” wasn’t as beautiful as straight hair. Is there a reason that all African American women go to such great lengths to keep their hair straight? Why is it a taboo to have natural hair?

Los Angeles Natural Hair and Lifestyle Expo

Western society’s standards have imposed straight hair as the beauty standard. At a young age, we were never taught to appreciate the beauty of natural hair and how to manage it to look it’s best.

To this date, I have worn my natural hair for 3 years. It’s grown to be healthy, vibrant, and the best it’s been since I stopped straightening it. At first, it was a challenge to go natural but now I’ve embraced and love it.

I’m much more comfortable with my natural hair than before and hardly wear it straight. A lot of people have asked about my hair journey and here are some tips that helped me with the transition.

Pick some looks you feel comfortable with and start playing with it. I feel liberated knowing that I’m rocking an awesome natural look. It has helped me embrace another part of myself. Every time I see a look I want to try, I pin it to my Pinterest page.

Some of my looks from 2015:



Research ingredients in your hair products. Be aware of what you are putting in your hair. Some products work well for others, some work well for you, do your research. Find a balanced hair routine that will keep your hair healthy.

#ChristalPicks for my natural hair routine:

Lastly, I challenge you to start your natural hair journey and share your updates with me and the world. I promise you will see a huge difference in how you feel and view yourself.

Be free. Accept who you are and embrace your inches! If you like this article, please comment and share!



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